RIWI conducts surveys, message tests and continuous trending studies in up to 200 countries across our four business lines: Global Security, Global Citizen Engagement, Global Consumer, and Global Finance.

Global Citizen Engagement

For global civil society organizations, governments and non-governmental agencies, we offer global indices on peace, corruption, and public perception research, which allow organizations to predict, monitor and adapt to changing citizen needs and behavior patterns. With RIWI’s scientifically validated opinion data, clients can assess rapidly changing situations in fragile and conflict states, and accelerate direct citizen engagement initiatives.

Global Security

For the Global Security sector, RIWI offers geo-political global volatility trends, sentiment topography, and citizen opinion data in all information environments, including in non-permissive areas of interest anywhere in the world. RIWI’s technology platform demonstrates laser-like accuracy, privacy and security in its scientific evaluation of the target regions, and RIWI is capable of capturing attitudinal shifts as they occur.

For high-profile testimonials on RIWI’s Global Citizen Engagement and Global Security divisions, please see below.

Global Finance

For leading institutions working in international finance, we offer financial indicators, global currency or alternative currency trend indicators and other privacy-compliant opinion data. Investment firms, financial institutions, and asset managers can test out assumptions to make sound and profitable decisions in the best interest of their clients. Product offerings include Information-as-a-Service (IaaS), live data streams, and custom data solutions; click here to learn more about our offerings in the financial sector.

Global Consumer

For the Global Consumer sector, we offer the RIWI Global Omnibus, a rapid-cycle research solution that allows clients to add their own questions to a global survey platform which runs frequently, sharing the cost of deployment with other participants. Our platform is trusted by multinational clients across the world for discovering citizen and consumer opinions on various critical policy, brand and public relations issues. Click here for more information about the Omnibus global studies.

Testimonials for RIWI’s Global Citizen Engagement and Global Security Divisions

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