The Quiet Voices Podcast: Navigating Quiet Data for Investors

When it comes to investing, how can you best leverage datasets, especially when studying activities in opaque markets such as China? In this episode of The Quiet Voices podcast, “Navigating Quiet Data for Investors”, we hear from data marketplace leaders who share their insights on emerging best practices in using alternative data for investing.

Hosted by Neil Seeman, Founder and CEO of RIWI,  Episode 1 features an insightful discussion with Charles Poliacof, CEO of Knoema and Jordan Hauer, CEO and Co-founder of Amass Insights.

  • What constitutes “quiet data” and why is this valuable to investment professionals?
  • How can you get the information needed from alternative data to generate alpha?
  • Investment professionals express differing views on the reliability of data from China for investment decision-making. What trends are we seeing?
  • Can you extract valuable information from markets where information may be censored?
  • How should investment firms evaluate new data streams?


About The Quiet Voices Podcast

RIWI understands the importance of listening to all voices to find the truth. In this context, RIWI will be bringing industry leaders from around the world who may not be a household name, but all of whom have incredible expertise to share. 

Our focus is on global issues such as public health and COVID-19, the use of alternative data in financial services, understanding China in real-time, and hearing from hard-to-reach people around the world on topics that matter.