Chief Financial Officer

Location: Toronto, Canada

We are looking for an experienced individual to join our team. The Chief Financial Officer will be responsible for leading all financial operations of the Company, and for coordinating human resources, legal and other backoffice matters at RIWI. The ideal candidate will be a business leader first that will leverage their functional expertise to grow the business business and help us focus on the most important growth drivers. We are looking for someone who has a deep financial background, but wants to step up and do more to be involved with many aspects of our growing company, including developing, and retaining a talent-focused culture. This person will have a passion for rolling up their sleeves and doing whatever it takes as part of the senior management team in this next phase of RIWI’s growth. This individual will work very closely with the CEO and will have the opportunity to present to RIWI’s Board of Directors.


  • Grow the business through detailed focus on the key drivers that impact growth and profitability.
  • Build financial discipline and accountability through metrics and processes.
  • Drive collaboration through transparency.
  • Assist the CEO in developing, for the Board’s approval, the strategic direction of the company.
  • Coordinate the preparation of the Company’s financial statements and management discussion and analysis (annual and interim) as required under TSX Venture Exchange rules.
  • Coordinate all matters related to Human Resources and Legal.
  • Coordinate with the external auditors as required, of all financial information disclosed.
  • Oversee and monitor the Company’s financial position, banking and financing activities.
  • Develop appropriate key performance indicators to monitor and drive the financial performance of the Company.
  • Oversee and monitor effective tax strategies and compliance for the Company.
  • Assist the Company’s Audit Committee in performing its duties required under the applicable securities laws.
  • Attend meetings of the Board and its Committees and present the financial information necessary or relevant to the Board or such Committee for discharging its duties.
  • Establish and maintain lines of communications with the investor community and oversee the dissemination of the Company’s press releases, annual report, communications with analysts and the media and investor relations.
  • Help develop, formulate and execute, with the CEO, an M&A strategy and roadmap for the Company.
  • Support RIWI’s ambitions to grow our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform through defining subscription pricing and costing models.
  • Drive new financing rounds.

Qualifications and Required Skills

  • Professional, unquestionable integrity, credibility, and character; who has demonstrated high moral and ethical behavior.
  • Strategic minded with ability to understand all aspects of the business.
  • Analytical with a keen eye for detail.
  • Experience of Canadian regulatory, reporting, governance and audit standards required of publicly listed companies.
  • CPA qualified with knowledge of IFRS.
  • 10+ years’ experience in progressive Senior Leaderships roles, with a successful track record of success and demonstrable business expansion and growth.
  • Experience handling Human Resource matters.
  • Experience coordinating with legal counsel on any matters that arise.
  • Contribute to a positive team atmosphere and company culture.
  • RIWI is constantly evolving. We expect the roles and responsibilities will continuously grow and expand. We are looking for entrepreneurial people who are excited to do whatever it takes to build RIWI.
  • Fluent in French is preferred (but not required).

About RIWI

RIWI stands for “real-time interactive world-wide intelligence”. RIWI is a global technology company that provides access to fast-changing consumer and citizen sentiment in all countries. We break through the noise to find the truth about what people really think, want and observe – by reaching the most diverse audiences, including the disengaged and quiet voices who do not typically answer surveys or express their views on social media. Our patented, cloud-based, real-time and interactive platform provides our clients the ability to make faster and improved decisions to grow their earnings or investments, assess consumer and citizen behavior, and to monitor and predict various issues and trends around the world. For more information about our clients, research and case studies, please see:

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RIWI is committed to maintaining a diverse work environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We encourage applications from Indigenous peoples, racialized people, people with disabilities, people from gender and sexually diverse communities and/or people with intersectional identities. If you have any accessibility requirements or concerns regarding the hiring process or employment with us, please notify us so we can provide suitable accommodation.