Private Sector

We work directly for global-facing companies with bespoke data needs in 10-200 countries, including companies such as Procter & Gamble, Crédit Lyonnais Securities Asia, and KPMG.  For more information about RIWI data offerings in the global financial sector, see here.

One of the largest consumer packaged goods companies in the world engaged RIWI to gather market intelligence in 11 different countries in the IMEA (India/Middle East/Africa) region. The purpose of the study was twofold: to understand how changing economic conditions affected the affordability of goods in the region and to understand how people are adopting online purchasing in the region.

For a global Asia-based finance institution, RIWI produced brand awareness data on Asia-based apparel brands to assess US consumer usage, attitudes and purchase intent. For the same client, RIWI produced attitudinal data relating to the auto sector, which supported the client’s internal analytics on changing market demand for different cars in this sector.

For a global-facing market research company, RIWI condensed a 149 question scale-based questionnaire on nation-wide social attitudes into modularized 2-3 question constructs and replicated the findings statistically that the same company had been conducting for decades, proving the RIWI methodology as an effective tool for “chunking” or “modularizing” long surveys to avoid survey fatigue and to engage non-habitual survey respondents accessible on the RIWI survey technology platform. The replicability of the findings has enabled the client to condense its longer-construct attitudinal surveys into more modularized surveys for high quality and data integrity.

On behalf of a global market research company whose client was a Fortune 100 global consumer packaged goods company, RIWI collected data in Latin American countries on attitudes toward brand affiliation and citizen interest relating to the ROI of corporate awareness initiatives of this company as compared to those of others. These data gave guidance to the end client on the ROI of financially supporting or divesting resources from certain corporate awareness initiatives.

For a global technology company, RIWI collected data in targeted countries to gain competitor intelligence and consumer attitudes toward features of the client’s products vs. features of the chief competitor’s clients. These data supported and validated the client’s evolving go-to-market strategy.