Use of Random Domain Intercept Technology to Track COVID-19 Vaccination Rates in Real Time Across the United States: Survey Study

A new article published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research is an excellent validation of RIWI’s public health tracking abilities. By using Random Domain Intercept Technology (RDIT), 63,853 adult web users were surveyed on their vaccination status (6.2% of the entire 1,026,850 American web-using population that was exposed to the survey). At the national level, the RDIT-based estimate of adult COVID-19 vaccine coverage was slightly higher (44,524/63,853, 69.7%; 95% CI 69.4%-70.1%) than the CDC-reported estimate (67.9%) on July 15, 2021 (ie, midway through data collection; t63,852=10.06; P<.001). The RDIT-based and CDC-reported state-level estimates were strongly and positively correlated (r=0.90; P<.001). RDIT-based estimates were within 5 percentage points of the CDC’s estimates for 29 states.

This broad-reaching, real-time data stream may provide unique advantages for tracking the use of a range of vaccines and for the timely evaluation of vaccination interventions. Moreover, RDIT could be harnessed to rapidly assess demographic, attitudinal, and behavioral constructs that are not available in administrative data, which could allow for deeper insights into the real-time predictors of vaccine uptake–enabling targeted and timely interventions.

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