World Food Programme: Migration Pulse

Since 2018, RIWI has assisted the United Nations World Food Programme’s (WFP) Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM) Unit in implementing the Migration Pulse, a comprehensive and in-depth study of migrants. The Migration Pulse has been deployed in over a dozen countries, with several rounds conducted in Libya. Over 50,000 respondents have answered the Migration Pulse surveys in Libya since 2018, of which the data have proved immensely useful for WFP in their advocacy work and in-country aid distribution by identifying the true drivers of migration in Libya as well as the status of food security and remittances.

During the first wave of the Migration Pulse in Libya, 2,545 migrants originating from 36 countries completed the survey in addition to 12,000 respondents from local host communities and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), measuring levels of social cohesion between groups, and comparing livelihoods and experiences between key populations. The goal of these surveys is to hear from hard-to-reach people: migrants in transit and who are not in refugee camps, IDPs, youth, women, and people in remote areas of the country. Of particular focus for WFP in these surveys is the ability to disaggregate and analyze data from key groups of migrants: namely Sudanese and Sahelian migrants. Standalone analytical reports have been produced for both of these population sub-groups highlighting differences based on migration origin and stressing the importance of representative sampling and survey optimization, only achievable using RIWI’s proprietary methodology.

Since the first wave in 2018, RIWI has conducted at least one wave of the Migration Pulse in Libya annually. The most recent wave, fielded in mid-2021, engaged over 1,000 migrants from all mantikas in Libya, tracking key indicators of migration and food security while also diving into questions about the impacts of COVID-19.RIWI continues to work with WFP on a number of rapid assessments around the world as the agency’s Web survey provider. More information about the Migration Pulse more broadly can be found here, along with more information about RIWI’s work with WFP in other regions such as Latin America and the Caribbean, Nigeria, Turkey, and Lebanon.

Migration Pulse Libya II
Migration Pulse Libya III
Migration Pulse Libya IV

Image source: UNICEF