What We Do

RIWI captures the full spectrum of consumer and citizen voices in every country, generating better insights and informing better decisions.

How does RIWI’s Patented Global Trending and Predictive Technology Work?


Step 1

Random Web user enters dormant or lapsed URL and lands on a scientifically randomized RIWI survey site or message testing site in any target region of the world.

Step 2

RIWI auto-recognizes and removes bots, avoids all ad block, and filters out trademarked websites in all targeted geographies in the world.

Step 3

RIWI auto-recognizes device type and Operating System of the target audiences of interest in all information environments.


Step 4

RIWI auto-validates location and delivers video message or survey for continuous target audience analysis.

Step 5

Message testing data or survey data are delivered to client 24/7 in a secure portal and in varied data file formats.

Step 6

Correlations of significance are auto-detected and the client can continuously see time series, predictive trends or run custom analytics.


What Makes RIWI Data Different

  • The vast majority of RIWI survey responders are non-habitual survey-takers. This differentiates us from panel-based data, latent data on the Web, social media data or ‘river sample’
  • Our data are a mirror of the Web-using public in any geography
  • Randomization of respondent source – anywhere – is core to our DNA
  • Peer-reviewed and patented
  • We are a one-stop shop. We can turn our engine on in 100+ countries very quickly


  • Advertising Awareness & Testing
  • Brand Tracking
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Consumer Usage & Attitudes
  • Global Sentiment Indices
  • Global Risk and Security
  • Economic Indicator Capture

Next-Generation RIWI Environmental Data Scans

Based on millions of historic data points and our core IP, RIWI helps organizations understand its data gaps and potential data needs in markets around the world. For example, RIWI offers clients:

  • Market maps on Web, browser and device statistics and digital usage trends globally
  • Multi-country attitudinal intelligence on social issues
  • Multi-country behavioral intelligence and habits data such as hand hygiene awareness
  • Select macro-finance data sets and trend-following data
  • Web usage trends in emerging economies

RIWI leadership, with decades of experience in teaching and research on these topics, also regularly presents at global conferences and speaks to the media. For further information, contact: inquiry@riwi.com

Why We Care So Much About Global Random Data

“The randomization problem RIWI is trying to solve emerged during H1N1 because, during the outbreak, we needed global, randomized opinion.”

See an interview with RIWI describing the history and global ambitions of the company to solve some of the world’s biggest data challenges.

See a 2014 RIWI presentation on why randomization and engaging the unengaged globally can provide otherwise unattainable insights.

See a 2010 presentation at the University of Toronto by RIWI’s founder looking at the historic power of latent data on the Web for improving patient insights during the heyday of Web 2.0 when signal-to-noise data on the Web was not the massive problem it is today. Capturing more signal from real people and eliminating data noise – around the world – inspired the creation of our company.

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