Corporate Governance

RIWI Corp. (“RIWI” or the “Company”) is committed to sound corporate governance practices, which are in the interest of its shareholders and contribute to effective and  efficient decision-making.

The board of directors of the Company (“Board”) is elected by RIWI shareholders and is charged with overseeing the Chief Executive Officer and other senior management to ensure the long-term interests of its shareholders are served.

Corporate governance documents are meant to guide the way RIWI directors, officers and employees conduct themselves in managing the Company and its business.

The governance structure is designed to foster principled actions, effective decision-making and appropriate monitoring of both compliance and performance.

RIWI Code of Business Conduct & Ethics PDF
RIWI Global Anti-Corruption Policy PDF
RIWI Charter of the Audit Committee PDF
RIWI Charter of the Human Resources & Compensation Committee PDF