When you’re dealing with intricate research needs that no single partner can fulfill, unlock the advantages of collaborating with multiple validated partners seamlessly, without the demands of managing multiple points of contact or contracts.

Maximize the strengths of quantitative or qualitative online surveys, social listening and monitoring, in-person focus groups, telephone surveys, in-app research and a variety of other research methods or triangulate your findings with RIWI’s assurance of data quality and transparency. We validate our research partners based on their methodology, quality, team, and specializations so you can be sure your strategies are informed by reliable, high-quality data.

Whether your goal is to address research questions from multiple angles, allow for flexibility and adaptability, or enhance your research validity, RIWI Communities will ensure your project concludes with actionable insights.

Looking for online survey respondents, in-person participants, social media sentiment, or specialized B2B audiences? RIWI Communities leverages programmatic sampling and collaborative insights to increase the speed and quality of data collection.


  • Leverage mixed-methods research with the benefit of a single dashboard for analysis
  • Guaranteed survey completes for both quantitative and qualitative projects
  • Enjoy 24/7 access to your real-time RIWI data
  • Streamline your research with the assurance that RIWI will manage all data collection activities