We focus on real-time and accurate data that help organizations understand and make improved decisions about the economy and investments.

RIWI helps financial institutions to track and predict changes in the global economy and provides alternative data for investors. Our unique and patented technology allows us to collect high-frequency and real-time sentiment data in every country in the world to help investors make improved data-driven decisions, add certainty to predictions and forecasts, and understand market opportunities. We address gaps in official economic data and transactions data.

We work with investor units in capital markets – hedge funds, asset managers and international banks – to provide real-time and accurate alternative data to improve insight into investment decisions and alpha generation. Finding useful alpha signal data to predict stock and market performance in a highly competitive environment is harder than ever because standard alternative data sets and transactional data have become commonplace but complex to interpret.

Real-time sentiment data are more important than ever to achieve a performance “edge”. RIWI harnesses the capabilities of machine learning to optimize survey data using tailored, customized questions that reduce data complexity, resulting in real-time, actionable alpha intelligence.

Our work with international and central banks, economic research groups, and other financial market participants focuses on tracking macro-economic indicators, the digital economy, the real-time labor market, and other high frequency economic data.