RIWI Sampling Technologies

Our web-intercept technologies and programmatic sampling platform enable researchers to tap into millions of diverse respondents, including first-time survey participants, elusive populations and those in hard-to-reach locations. By ingesting a variety of Web traffic, our web-intercept tool allows us to link relevant samples to surveys quickly and accurately, without geographic restrictions.

Our patented and proven web intercept technologies, including Random Domain Intercept Technology (RDIT) allow for the rapid capture and assessment of large samples of broad, truly randomized human opinion and perceptions data. We deliver anonymous or PII-enriched opt-in surveys to Web users.

Our engagement and retention is built on years of experience, testing, and development, to provide an optimal online survey experience. We prioritize speed and accuracy. Our surveys are optimized for every device platform, ensuring quality on mobile, tablets, and desktop.

Have questions? Check out our FAQ’s. Read a more detailed description of our methodology and technology here.