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Founded by Neil Seeman, Senior Fellow at the University of Toronto, RIWI’s first product was developed at the University to predict Black Swan events in real-time. RIWI’s pioneer product was initially used to address the Ontario government’s need for tracking reliable and realistic responses to the H1N1 pandemic. Now, RIWI is a leading provider of accurate and real-time global consumer and citizen sentiment data. RIWI methodology including RDIT have been published in top journals across a variety of disciplines.

Ensure your research objectives are not limited by the answers you can source using traditional survey technology. RIWI can collect opinion and sentiment data in hard-to-reach geographies and censored areas. RIWI reaches more countries and markets than any other firm. We break through the noise to find the truth about what people really think, want for themselves, and observe in the world around them. We do this by reaching the most diverse audiences and eliciting the least censored opinions.

RIWI’s methodology has been proven and tested by leading institutions such as Harvard University, the University of Toronto, and Boston University.