Have a burning question or two? Consider the RIWI Omni.

Next launch is May 15th! Confirm you are joining us by May 8th!

Have a burning question or two? Consider the RIWI Omni. The RIWI Omni, an omnibus/syndicated survey opportunity, is a cost-effective way to source answers to a few questions using web-intercept technology, including Random Domain Intercept Technology (RDIT), without the commitment, effort, and cost of purchasing a complete custom data solution. RIWI Omni runs monthly and is available for a wide range of geographies. Omni is ideal for researchers in need of quick insights into perceptions of a population, or those who want monthly waves of just a few questions.

Benefits of joining Omni:

  • Cost savings! You get to take advantage of process efficiencies and add your questions into one larger survey, which can lead to significant savings.
  • Lean research! You don’t have to try and justify a larger study if all you really need to ask is one or two questions.
  • RDIT methodology! The anonymous, high speed, and broad reaching sampling methodology you’ve benefited from in the past, now more budget friendly.


Omni runs in the US, Russia, China, India, and a host of other regions. We are constantly updating and expanding our geographic offerings for Omni. Reach out to get our most up to date list.

Our Omni runs monthly in all available geographies, launching on the third Wednesday of the month. Please reach out before the second Wednesday of the month you’d like to join.

What you will get if you join Omni:

  • Excel files with raw data of your own questions delivered to you within 4 weeks of launch
  • Data from all current demographic questions, which are exclusive to the question limit
  • Demographic questions will be: Age, gender, language, education, income. Demographic questions may be subject to change. Feel free to ask about other options.
  • RIWI expert advice on how you want to phrase your question
  • Translation of all questions
  • Direct access to a RIWI Representative throughout use of Omni

Interested in joining RIWI Omni? Contact ask@riwi.com