We tackle critical and sensitive issues

RIWI human sentiment data are accurate, real-time, and available everywhere. RIWI’s citizen engagement expertise and proprietary technology allows us to provide unique real-time data and global insights to support development programming and emergency response. Our unique methodology enables us to safely and anonymously reach previously inaccessible or “quiet voices” in fragile environments and closed societies. This enables our ability to monitor sensitive issues such as corruption, disinformation, financial inclusion, access to food and water, gender-based violence, covid-19, migration, and media consumption.

We have recently completed work in: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Haiti, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela and Yemen.

We are proud to work with world-leading multilateral organizations (World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, World Food Programme), government bilateral agencies (USAID, US Department of State), universities (Harvard University, Australian National University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Toronto), and implementing partners including non-profit organizations (Freedom House, IREX), large implementing partners (Chemonics) and foundations (Carter Center, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Luminate). We work both in a prime capacity to support research efforts by multilateral organizations as well as in a subcontractor capacity to organizations implementing development projects in low and middle income countries.