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RIWI is a global trend-tracking and prediction technology firm.

We offer global surveys, predictive analytics, message testing, and risk monitoring anywhere around the world through long-term agreements and monthly subscriptions.

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Real-time Internet data from Venezuela

Many Venezuelans have been without power since March 7th. RIWI’s data on Web outbound traffic suggests that the country continues to suffer from a major disruption.

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Who is doing online freelance work?

RIWI asked 30,000+ randomly engaged Internet users in 43 countries whether and if so, how much, of their income comes from selling freelance services online.

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Peace Perceptions Poll 2018

In partnership with International Alert and the British Council, RIWI asked 110,000+ citizens from 15 countries about their thoughts on the state of peace and conflict in our world today.

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RIWI is a global leader in privacy, security, and data quality. Read more about RIWI’s certifications and advantages here.

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