RIWI correctly predicts precise margin of defeat in the 2016 Italian Referendum.


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Ask the world.

Rapidly capture consumer and citizen opinion anywhere in the world.


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  • Access any Web-enabled device in the world
  • Gather reliable intelligence in rapidly changing situations
  • Penetrate monitored and hard-to-reach markets


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  • Engage real people, not paid professional panelists
  • Increase confidence through randomized and representative data
  • Forecast and test hypotheses for future events


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  • Receive responses within hours and answers within days
  • Replace expensive long surveys with RIWI’s agile and modularized platform
  • Provide a safer and lower cost solution in turbulent markets


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How Does the Patented RIWI Engine (RDIT™) Work?


Step 1

Web user accidentally lands on a website

Step 2

Recognizes and removes bots

Step 3

Recognizes device type and location

Step 4

Respondent completes survey

Step 5

Data are captured and delivered to client



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