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RIWI is a global trend-tracking and prediction technology firm.

We offer global surveys, predictive analytics, message testing, and risk monitoring anywhere around the world through long-term agreements and monthly subscriptions.

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Interview with Neil Seeman, CEO of RIWI Corp at the Small Cap Discoveries Conference 2018.

Do Americans support US trade policies?

RIWI is tracking Chinese and US views and behaviors on a range of topics continuously, including views of the US-China trade war.

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Peace Perceptions Poll 2018

In partnership with International Alert and the British Council, RIWI asked 110,000+ citizens from 15 countries about their thoughts on the state of peace and conflict in our world today.

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Chinese Millennials Save Like Their Parents

Common wisdom holds that China’s Millennials spend their full incomes, in contrast to their more frugal parents. New RIWI data suggest the reality may be more nuanced.

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