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RIWI is a global trend-tracking and prediction technology firm.

We offer global surveys, predictive analytics, message testing, and risk monitoring anywhere around the world through long-term agreements and monthly subscriptions.

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The Venezuelan people do not support Maduro

A large, broad-based, and consistent majority of Venezuelans believe that Nicolás Maduro: (a) should not be the President, and (b) is not the legitimate President.

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Don’t count on young people to undo Brexit

Would a Brexit 2.0 be different? New 2019 RIWI data signals no dramatic change in young people’s views and engagement despite almost three years of uncertainty.

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Broad-based support for Modi in Indian election

Starting April 11th, the Indian population will begin voting in the general election. RIWI’s continuous tracking shows that people are generally confident that Modi will be re-elected.

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