How the Patented RIWI Engine (RDIT™) Works


Global Market Intelligence Randomization

Users often surf the Web by typing an Internet domain name, whether it is a generic top-level domain (TLD) (e.g., a TLD of any kind (e.g., a country code TLD (ccTLD) (e.g., or an internationalized domain name (“IDN”), into the URL (“address”) bar.

Users also navigate the increasingly noisy Web by going to a link they think exists but no longer does, or has different content than they thought.

Our patented methodology understands how people randomly surf the Web today. To reach random, diverse people, Web tech needs to fish the ocean randomly, not fish in a targeted researcher-biased fashion through legacy research modes such as tapping into the highly opinionated wisdom of tiny social media crowds, river sampling, panel data, news feeds, blogs, Web search queries, and other publicly available data.

In a nutshell, users may surf to a domain or sub-domain (e.g. www.anyURLtyped/ that takes them to an unintended Internet Protocol (IP) destination—i.e., the intended IP destination either does not exist or is inaccurate—such that the user randomly encounters a RIWI survey on that page, which RIWI controls at that given time.

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RIWI Engine provides RDIT special survey sample, cleans for bots and blends for randomization


Recognizes device type and Operating System and ensures all-device data quality

Device browsers



Geo-locates and routes user to proper survey(s) as guided by upfront client specifications



Geo-located data are generated, encrypted, and securely delivered to client in client-defined format


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