The Top 10 Answers to “Why RIWI?”

“Why RIWI?” is a common question posed by people meeting me (or anyone from RIWI) for the first time. To answer this question, please allow me to provide you with some of the reasons why our clients choose to work with us again and again.

When you need to be right
RIWI’s real-time technology is predictive and accurate across a range of economic, health, consumer, and social indicators. We reach the broadest possible respondent base in any country in the world with a unique, random, anonymous and voluntary methodology. Using a recruited incentivized panel is problematic, as “at least 90% of researchers are not taking sufficient steps to ensure online panel quality” (Source:Greenbook). RIWI’s method is entirely different. Let us show you. Get a demo

When you need to hear from all voices
We believe that every voice counts, and we built our technology to reach people that other companies can’t. Up to 60% of our respondents have never participated in surveys. We hear from hard-to-reach people and closed societies that different methodologies cannot reach, allowing you to solve critical business and social issues among diverse audiences.

When you need to understand the true sentiment on a sensitive topic
Legacy data collection models include exchanging personally identifiable information – leading to less accurate data where people often do not answer authentically. Because of RIWI’s methodology, in which the respondent remains anonymous, we can address sensitive issues such as mental health, views on vaccinations, domestic or gang violence, and personal financial challenges. We collect the truth.

When you need to know what will happen tomorrow, not what’s already happened
If you need to make business or policy decisions now to prepare for people’s behavior tomorrow or post-COVID, you can’t afford to get it wrong. Transaction data (e.g., point-of-sale data, credit card data) tells you what already happened, while our forward-looking sentiment data helps you understand tomorrow.

When you need to understand how people’s behavior is changing in real-time
Understanding people’s changing views is fundamental to ensuring you are prepared for the next phases of COVE and beyond. RIWI collects data 24/7 and delivers the results in real-time (hourly updates) through our secure interactive dashboard or delivery channel of your choice.

When you need to understand trends across the globe
Where other companies struggle, RIWI shines. We collect accurate sentiment data from any country in the world, including China. We have done work in 229 countries and territories, in over 80 languages, and we have over 1.6 billion interviewees.

When you need 100% confidence there will be no unethical access to personal data
RIWI never asks for nor collects personally identifiable information. We comply with all privacy laws. Top international law firms, banks and government entities use our privacy-compliant data.

When you want to ensure an advertisement, message or concept will be effective with your target audience
We understand the consumer and citizen reaction to your advertisements, concepts and messaging through randomized control trials at scale. Our global testing capability allows you to optimize and ensure your message or concept’s effectiveness in any country in the world. Incentivized respondents tell you what you want to hear. RIWI respondents tell you what you need to hear.

When you want to get more engagement and more eyeballs on your campaign
RIWI can help rapidly scale your online engagement (ads, campaigns, games, messages, platforms) by reaching new, untapped online populations and audiences, in any geography of the world, including hard-to-reach audiences and closed societies.

When you need to solve for “insert your question here”
RIWI is proud to help tackle issues that improve prosperity and security, and thrilled to help our clients build their business across sectors and geographies. Some of the areas we are most passionate about include: understanding the impact of COVID on people’s lives and business; helping healthcare organizations with vaccine distribution and clinical trial recruitment; helping hedge funds find alpha and investor teams get a better return on their trades; working with economists on predicting economic trends around the world; conducting impactful work with humanitarian organizations to ensure all voices are heard; and understanding the changing consumer’s needs and preferences.

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By Neil Weitzman