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A Look Back: Using RIWI Data to Predict the H7N9 Outbreak in China

It has been a full year since the first H7N9 outbreak in China and a second wave of the epidemic struck in early 2014. Looking back on RIWI’s predictive data from April 2013 on this subject, this is what we have found:
Our analytical paper showcases results from just 24 hours of tracking. More than 7,000 respondents revealed their opinions during this time frame, with a 24.1% response rate in all central cities across China. No respondents’ opinions were captured in online communities or on blogs or via online panels. All respondents were random Web users who were non-incented. Read the white paper, with citations, and learn how RIWI’s proprietary data feed can potentially advance the Holy Grail of data collection: prediction, and in this particular case, the reallocation of scarce public health resources to address a matter of life and death. The results of these data were shared with public health leaders around the world during the recent H7N9 outbreak in April 2014.
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