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Media Coverage of RIWI’s “Second Wave of U.S. Layoffs and Furloughs is Well Under Way” (NPR, NYT, Bloomberg)

A new study in partnership with the U.S. Private Sector Job Quality Index and Cornell Law School Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor, Daniel Alpert shows that a substantial portion of the reported job growth in the official data (May/June/July 2020) reflected workers put back on payroll due to the U.S. Government’s Paycheck Protection Program, who are now being laid off or at high risk of being laid off a second time.

The RIWI dataset shows the re-layoff problem is worse in non-COVID surge states. This suggests the re-layoffs reflect overall economic conditions rather than the resurgence of COVID and implies a much deeper recession than the mainstream jobs data indicate.

News Coverage Includes:


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“Coming Next: The Greater Recession” by Paul Krugman

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“U.S. Job Losses to Mount With Small Firms Running on Fumes” by Katia Dmitrieva & Olga Kharif

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“A Second Wave Of Layoffs Is Coming As Lockdowns Persist” by Kenneth Rapoza

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“The Capital Note: COVID’s Casualties” by Daniel Tenreiro & Andrew Stuttaford


“US economy added 1.8 million jobs in July but still down nearly 13 million jobs during the pandemic” by Anneken Tappe

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“Nearly one-third of people that have gone back to work after being laid off during the coronavirus pandemic have lost their jobs again, study finds” by Carmen Reinicke

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“Survey finds nearly one-third of rehired workers laid off again” by Niv Elis

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“Second Wave of Layoffs Underway: Report” by Michael Rainey


“July’s jobs report could be an inflection point for the coronavirus recovery” by Dion Rabouin

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“US Coronavirus Update: Second Wave of Lay Offs Hit Works Who Were Back On Payrolls” by Guneet Bhatia

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“Second Wave of Coronavirus Layoffs Is Here” by Eric Sorensen & Anna Wells


“Unemployed Again: 2nd Wave of Coronavirus-Driven Layoffs Underway, Say Economists” by Alexander Vuocolo


“Nearly one-third of rehired workers laid off again, survey says” by Jesse Pound