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World Bank’s Opening Government Portal: RIWI data from over 60 countries


Last week World Bank’s Opening Government portal was launched, answering some core questions: What is Open Government? How does it benefit citizens? Why does it promote better governance?


The portal features interviews from prominent leaders in the Open Government initiative, including Ellen Miller of the Sunlight Foundation, Chris Underwood of Making All Voices Count, Stella Dawson of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Felipe Estefan and Robert Hunja of the World Bank, Linda Frey of the Open Government Partnership, Florencio Abad from the Government of the Philippines’ Department of Budget and Management, and Beauty Narteh of the West Africa Contract Monitoring Network. Hear what RIWI’s President, Eric Meerkamper, has to say about utilizing Random Domain Intercept Technology (RDIT™) for the Open Government study:

Using RDIT, RIWI surveyed over 65,000 respondents in 62 countries in their native languages to learn more about what people want from their governments. RDIT allowed otherwise silent voices to be heard and the data spoke loud and clear: people want their governments to be more open. The results also provide benchmark evidence on three main areas: (i) citizens’ perception on how open their governments are; (ii) their demand for increased openness; and (iii) the potential impact of increased openness on citizen behavior.
Since the release of Opening Government, the results have been well-received and garnered much attention through social media. Join the conversation today with hashtag #OpenGovNow.