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RIWI at IIeX Amsterdam 2015: “Who in the world are we talking to?”

Who in the world are we talking to? Why and how are RIWI’s respondents characteristically different from traditional survey takers?

In this year’s GRIT Consumer Participation in Research report, set for release in April, RIWI compares fresh and frequent respondents by various attributes. With over 50,000 respondents from 56 countries, we breakdown the data by age, gender, country, device type, and more. In this sneak peek, the findings are compelling: RIWI’s fresh respondents are unique because they are random and not paid to answer surveys.
If you missed Eric Meerkamper’s presentation at the Insight Innovation Exchange in Amsterdam last month, here is a sneak peek of RIWI’s findings.
Learn more about RIWI’s proprietary technology and stream of respondents at the next Insight Innovation Exchange in Mexico City. Stay tuned for the full report on April 15th, a free resource for all market researchers who need a new and innovative approach to understanding people.
Sneak Peek of GRIT CPR Report