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RIWI at IIeX EU 2014

This year’s Insight Innovation eXchange EU was a great success. RIWI’s CEO Neil Seeman presented at the event on Random Domain Intercept Technology (RDIT™): What People Care About, From Albania to Zimbabwe. Neil discusses the power of RDIT™ and why it is the disruptive technology that allows researchers to collect global data from desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices.

Invention as Communication
RDIT™ repurposes the URL bar to turn direct navigation search – a consistently common way of finding information on any browser and Web-enabled device – into an entirely new way to collect non-incented random respondent data from the millions of non-trademarked domains people stumble upon. RDIT™ means that randomization and global access, highly scalable in every city and country, is now possible online. RDIT™ engages the unengaged, that is, those people who would otherwise not answer surveys online.