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RIWI CEO elected Senior Fellow of Massey College in the University of Toronto

RIWI is delighted to announce that CEO Neil Seeman has been elected a new Senior Fellow of Massey College in the University of Toronto, Canada’s leading interdisciplinary institution and among the premier institutions of intellectual pursuit in the world. Some of the College’s notable Senior Fellows include John Polanyi, Ursula Franklin, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Margaret Atwood, Sir Christopher Ondaatje, James Orbinski, Michael Ignatieff, Adrienne Clarkson, Hal Jackman, John Ralston Saul, Michael Bliss, Justice Rosalie Abella and Bob Rae.
“Massey College is a community of friendship, which, thanks to the leadership of Master Emeritus John Fraser, CM, and Masters past and present, punches in an intellectual league of its own,” said Neil Seeman.
“Massey College Senior Fellow and humble polymath Ursula Franklin, CC, taught me that in a community comes spirited kindness and a true understanding of others’ beliefs. Dozens of graduate students from diverse fields have taught me, among other things, that reason is to be sought after in a relentless, selfless quest. Failure is a brilliant teacher.”
“I have learned through my association with Massey College as a mentor and Senior Resident since 2009 that what matters is seeking out the role of Fifth Business, which is less about orchestrating the stage than gently enabling, as best as one can, those who deserve it, to be seen and heard. To give voice to the voiceless, that is the supreme, ultimate goal.”
Neil thanks the community of Massey College, and the new Master, Hugh Segal, CM, for their generosity in continuing to engage him in the exciting life and activities of the College. Neil’s affiliation with the College will include work on a new book and engaging students in discussions about the future of the Web and its implications for public policy globally.