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RIWI Wins Top Prize at IIeX Philadelphia!

RIWI is honored to have won the award as the best new and disruptive technology at the Insight Innovation eXchange in Philadelphia last week on June 18th.
RIWI’s Nano-Survey™ global data engine was the judges’ unanimous selection amongst the presenting finalists who had been selected from 17 global company entries.
The Insight Innovation Exchange is the world’s premier venue for bringing together leading influencers and innovators in consumer insights, online data collection, market research, and global intelligence.
“It was an honor for us to receive validation from global data experts on our invention, which was first used for scholarly publications on pandemic surveillance and other healthcare issues before we commercialized just over a year ago. We are learning more and more about the pain points that RIWI’s global randomized data engine can help solve for the online data collection industry and end clients that are seeking non-incented non-panel global respondent data. That is thrilling.”
– Neil Seeman, RIWI Founder and CEO