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World Economic Forum: Oxfam/RIWI Income Inequality Data Released

World Economic Forum - RIWI

RIWI data were released by Oxfam at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland on January 22nd. Data commissioned by Oxfam regarding attitudes towards inequality across multiple middle and high-income countries were released as part of the report Reward Work, Not Wealth which highlights the facts and figures of the ongoing global income inequality crisis. RIWI supplied data from 8 countries, and collected over 30,000 responses about the gap between the rich and poor, government responsibility to combating the problem, and what ideal levels of income and wealth distribution would look like.

These data were also used by researchers Chris Hoy (Australian National University) and Franziska Mager (Oxfam) to write the working paper Can information about inequality and social mobility change preferences for redistribution?, released by the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute housed in the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University.

The full Oxfam report can be accessed here.

The full working paper can be accessed here.
Image source: World Economic Forum