Fathers talk about mental illness, too

Father’s Day is usually a day of fun and celebration for kids and their fathers. However, new RIWI data show a more serious side of fatherhood, in the adjoining article written by RIWI CEO, Neil Seeman, and RIWI Head of Global Research, Danielle Goldfarb.

Over May and June 2018, RIWI asked 2,287 randomly engaged Canadians and Americans how many mothers and fathers they knew who were depressed or anxious. 29% of respondents said they knew a father suffering from depression or anxiety. This is surprisingly close to the share who knew a mother suffering from depression or anxiety. 33% of respondents knew mothers who suffered from depression or anxiety. Even more surprising, men are slightly more likely to be open about their suffering.

When suffering from mental illness, self-awareness is a first step to positive action, whether that be seeking out a healthcare professional or finding a close friend with whom to share personal challenges. It is a wise father who speaks openly of his own troubles this Father’s Day and beyond.

See the article and visualized data here.
Image source: Dreamstime