Gauging Real-time Views on Vaccinating Children: A Partnership Opportunity

The Context

In the US, children as young as 5 years old are now eligible for COVID-19 vaccination. Getting
these children vaccinated is the next opportunity and challenge of the pandemic. Vaccination
will assist in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and create the environment needed for children to
return to school safely. Yet, there is resistance among some to vaccinate their children.
Identifying the extent to which this resistance exists, alongside the reasonings that underpin
intentions, is critical.

The Research Opportunity

RIWI is planning a study to investigate attitudes toward pediatric vaccination.

The general aims of the study are two-fold:

  1. To generate an accurate, real-time picture of parents’ intentions to vaccinate their children
    aged 0-17
  2. To understand which groups are resistant to child vaccination and why

This study will uniquely utilize Random Domain Intercept Technology to reach a range of voices
typically missed in survey/panel research. This includes a greater share of those from
demographic, ethnographic, and geographic populations that have been hardest hit by COVID
and/or disproportionately resistant to adult vaccination. Moreover, data will be gathered
anonymously, maximizing the likelihood of honest responses on this sensitive topic.

We Are Looking for Partners to Support the Collection of These Data

Partners will:

  • Select the country or countries of interest
  • Have the opportunity to suggest additional relevant topics of assessment
  • Gain access to the data in real-time via a secure interactive dashboard
  • If desired, have the right to be identified publicly as a research partner, including in any
    related presentations, announcements, and the summary of findings
  • Gain advance access to a summary of key findings that will later be released publicly
  • Have a license to share a pre-developed summary table of insights at any point during data

About RIWI

RIWI is a global risk and trend-tracking predictive technology firm. Patented and proven
technology (Random Domain Intercept Technology) allows for the rapid and continuous
capture of large samples of broad human opinion and perceptions data through the delivery of
anonymous opt-in surveys to Web users. Visit for more information.

Image Credit: Medical photo created by: freepik