How long will the trade war last?

By: Danielle Goldfarb and Emily Kuzan

Both Americans and Chinese are pessimistic about the US-China trade and technology war but the Chinese expect it to last longer. These new data from RIWI reflect broad-based views throughout all regions of China and the US, collected anonymously.

When do you expect the US-China trade war to end? (China vs US)

RIWI collected results from over 3500 respondents in China and 800 in the US during August 2019. Anyone who uses the Web in China had an equal chance of being randomly exposed to RIWI’s questions. The same applies to the US. RIWI’s technology ensures the data are representative of the Web-using population in both countries. 

Nearly three of four RIWI daily Chinese respondents and over half of American respondents report to us that they have not answered a survey of any other kind in the past month. RIWI captures broad-based sentiment across China and the US in real-time. Other methods draw on a narrow group of expert or habitual respondents, provide after-the-fact data, or draw on social media analysis that reflects a very narrow set of opinion, and, additionally in China, is censored and monitored.