RIWI Calls Precise Margin of Defeat in Italian Referendum

RIWI Corp. correctly predicted the ‘Yes’ campaign would lose by a margin of 18% (+/- 1%) and voters would block the proposed constitutional reforms that were put to the Italian people in a referendum held December 4th. A November 28th RIWI Ratiocination publicly predicted a vastly wider margin than all public pollsters, who had suggested a narrow loss of roughly 4% for the ‘Yes’ side. RIWI’s Ratiocination pronounced that the ongoing RIWI signal of over 3,500 random Italian forecasters would lead to a rout for Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, with 58% of Italy standing against his proposed reforms, and 42% standing in favour (+/- 2%). RIWI technology then continued to ask new, random Italians each day to forecast which side would win. By the close of the vote on December 4th, RIWI forecasters in Italy had grown to 8,257 people; they predicted a 41% ‘Yes’ vote and a 59% ‘No’ vote (+/- 1%).

This RIWI forecast marked its third consecutive accurate prediction in the past 30 days and demonstrates the unrivaled predictive abilities of RIWI’s technology in any geographic area in the world. RIWI’s prediction of the outcome of the Italian referendum follows RIWI’s audited prediction that not only would President-elect Donald Trump win the Electoral College vote, but also that he would do so without winning the popular vote. RIWI predicted to statistical perfection that Hillary Clinton would carry the popular vote by a margin of 1.9%.

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