Kenya’s Anti-terrorism Strategy

In partnership with Freedom House, RIWI conducted a public perceptions survey in Kenya in efforts to understand how Kenyans viewed topics of human rights and rule of law, in relation to the country’s fight against terrorism. The survey ran for one month, from June 27 – July 27, 2018, and collected over 1,500 completed surveys. Using these data, Freedom House developed a set of recommendations for government agencies, and for civil society actors on how to proceed in countering violent extremism and building capacity to do so.

Using RIWI’s methodology for this study proved particularly useful as Freedom House had a strong interest in the voice of young people, a demographic which can be hard to access through traditional means of data collection, but one that RIWI has extensive experience and capabilities for collecting data from.

RIWI and Freedom House have partnered on and continue to conduct many public perceptions-based data projects, where evidence is key to shaping policy and achieving specific outcomes, related to Freedom House’s human rights-focused mandate.

To read more about this survey, see the full report here.

Image source: YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/Getty Images.