Measuring rising tensions on the ground in Sudan

Catherine Barker, Rikki Sargent, Tala Khaki, Natasha Hsi, Mercedes Fogarassy

Chart illustrating perception of violence in Sudan

As concerns surrounding the rising tensions grow in Sudan, the national and international community faces challenges obtaining reliable information about the status of the dynamic situation. RIWI leveraged Random Domain Intercept Technology to begin to fill this data gap and perform a rapid assessment of public opinion in Sudan at the start of April 2022. RIWI was able to determine the degree to which people felt that violence in Sudan would increase in the coming weeks. Nearly 50% of respondents in Sudan believed that violence would increase in the next few weeks. This insight sheds light on the concerning situation unfolding in Sudan.

The data were gathered using RIWI’s Random Domain Intercept Technology (RDIT), which allowed for the rapid assessment of the worsening situation in Sudan. Random Domain Intercept Technology works by randomly intercepting Web-users as they browse the internet. No personally identifiable information (e.g., name, email) is collected to maintain the safety of respondents and maximize the chances of honest reporting. As such, respondents are not incented and may choose to end their participation at any time. RDIT has been employed widely to hear from hard-to-reach populations in fragile and conflict states.

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