Mental Health Promotion Through Collection Of Global Opinion Data

Mental Health Promotion Through Collection Of Global Opinion Data is now published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine and Care. Looking at RIWI’s work in global data collection in mental health, RIWI’s Founder and CEO Neil Seeman published a journal review article with colleagues comparing RIWI’s award-winning, patented global survey technology and opinion measurement platform to a wide variety of other sentiment measurement methods.
The peer-reviewed study finds that RIWI data collection technology lends itself to global health promotion because:
  • It can provide quick, accurate responses from very large, random, and widespread populations.
  • It provides anonymous answers to questions that are highly sensitive in nature.
  • It can probe regional differences and questions that can be asked before and after public health interventions so that intervention efficacy can be measured.
  • Repeating the survey can also test the duration of impact of a public health campaign.
  • The natural random participant abandonment rate can be a good measure of the resonance of the message of a messaging campaign.
  • This intensity measurement is more transparent and objective than sentiment analysis based, for instance, on the application of language algorithms to social media postings that need to be interpreted.

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Image credit: The District