RIWI rapidly launches study in Afghanistan

By Rikki H. Sargent and Catherine Barker

RIWI has launched a rapid response study in Afghanistan to provide insight into the experiences and needs of those currently living there. As military forces, international media, and humanitarian aid leave Afghanistan, the world in turn is losing its capacity to hear from people on the ground. This threatens the ability of humanitarian agencies and the international community to gather ongoing and real-time data about the changing situation during this crisis period. To fill this data gap, RIWI employed its patented Random Domain Intercept Technology to safely and anonymously hear from Web-users in Afghanistan.

The study aims to assess perceptions of safety, migration behaviors and intentions, disruptions to services, access to education and employment, and perceptions of external forces, including the United States, among other topics, to obtain a clearer picture of life in the region.

Since the survey launch, our data show that over three quarters of respondents have experienced disruptions to services, especially to education and banking (see figure below). Over half of respondents have left or have tried to leave their home as a result of the Taliban’s actions. Almost three quarters of respondents are currently worried that their life is at risk due to the Taliban.


Share of respondents reporting disruptions to services in the past week, August 27-31, 2021


We are continuing to monitor the situation as it progresses. We will expand our program of research in Afghanistan as new data needs evolve (e.g., perceptions of threats related to non-Taliban groups, such as ISIS-K). Click here to learn more about RIWI’s worldwide privacy compliant technology. Organizations that could benefit from access to data stemming from this ongoing study and interested partners are encouraged to reach out to Natasha Hsi.


How does RIWI protect respondents in Afghanistan?

RIWI does not measure or collect any personally identifiable information. RIWI technology is all-country privacy compliant. RIWI surveys cannot be traced, tracked, or identified on respondents’ devices.



Image Credit: IsaaK Alexandre KaRslian licensed under Unsplash