RIWI Ratiocination: Predicting Trump, Brexit and An Italian Knockout

Ratiocination“all reasoning by which, from general propositions previously admitted, other propositions equally or less general are inferred”

– John Stuart Mill, A System of Logic, Ratiocinative and Inductive, 1843

RIWI’s patented global survey and citizen engagement technology captures a random and diverse group of survey respondents in any country of the world. Traditional public pollsters reliant on panels or telephone samples that have ceased to be random are now struggling to explain their recent missteps. They can exhibit herd bias; pollsters thereby tend to reflect conventional wisdom and promote an echo chamber effect.

To learn more about how RIWI has deployed its forecasting technology to call the 2016 US Electoral College results, the US election popular vote results, and what the RIWI random crowd forecast predicts for the December 4th, 2016 Italian Referendum, click here.

Photo: EPA