RIWI U.S. Student Protest Datafeed Highlights Generational Divides

As tensions rise globally, student activism provides a powerful indicator of societal shifts and emerging viewpoints. To capture these dynamics accurately, RIWI has deployed a real-time web-intercept survey designed to gauge citizen awareness and support for the U.S. student protests at the campus-level and beyond. 

While protesters continue to demand Israel related boycotts, RIWI is quietly gathering opinions from 1000 U.S. citizens, with over 700 responses collected to date. For Universities, the struggle to police free speech continues.

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Does the U.S. support student protests?

RIWI data shows that most respondents are either indifferent or against the current protests. Notably, disapproval is highest among those aged 55 and over, with a significant 49% expressing opposition to the protests.

RIWI U.S. Student Protest Graphic of Support For Protests

This finding highlights a generational divide in perspectives on the issue. While younger populations on university campuses are actively engaging and voicing their opinions, older demographics are exhibiting a more critical stance. 

New analysis highlights age as a key factor in protest awareness. Those surveyed over the age of 55 are more likely to be aware of the student protests happening across the U.S. with 79% of this group reporting they are aware of the protests compared to 58% of those aged 16-34 years old and 55% of those aged 35-54 years old. 

RIWI U.S. Student Protest Datafeed Graphic On Awareness of Student Protests Across the U.S.

Understanding the level of awareness and the spectrum of support outside of campuses not only sheds light on the current state of campus activism but also offers a glimpse into future societal trends. This data is invaluable for universities, policymakers, and organizations aiming to engage with both the Israel-Gaza conflict and U.S. youth on meaningful levels.


RIWI is collecting these data on a daily basis using our proprietary web-intercept technology. To subscribe to the U.S. Student Protest Datafeed or to learn more about these data, please contact us at