RIWI: Ukrainian Opinions on Ceasefire & Surrounding Conflict

RIWI’s proprietary all-device all-country online survey technology platform (RDIT™) captured fresh attitudinal data from more than 2,500 Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking respondents from within Eastern and non-Eastern Ukraine from September 4th to September 10th, 2014. Some of the data reflects respondents’ thoughts on whether Putin can ever be honest when he asks for a ceasefire; if Russia should receive increased sanctions; and if the United States should provide Ukraine with arms and munitions. The findings show the most current thoughts of Ukrainians during this time of unrest that carries potential geo-political implications for the world.

Read the entire study (includes all questions and data cuts broken down by Overall Respondents, Ukrainian- vs. Russian-speaking Respondents, and Non-Eastern vs. Eastern Region Respondents) to learn more about RIWI’s RDIT and focus in all-country geo-political risk.