The impact of the pandemic on working parents

In a new September 2021 article published by the Brookings Institution’s Hamilton Project, former chief economist of the US Department of Labor and former Obama economic advisor Betsey Stevenson highlights findings from a new RIWI study on the impact of the pandemic on working parents.

Many women dropped out of the labor market during the pandemic. In the article, Women, Work, and Families: Recovering from the Pandemic-Induced Recession, Stevenson highlights RIWI data that go beyond the conventional labor market data to show that even those who stayed in the labor market changed to more flexible work, declined promotions, reduced their hours, or paused any upskilling.

Stevenson’s piece outlines the many ways working moms and dads were impacted by the pandemic and that while many are returning to the labor market, they may be returning on different terms. An enormous reallocation is under way.

RIWI co-designed the study with Stevenson, and gathered these data using RIWI’s Random Domain Intercept Technology, ensuring broad reach across income, education, and region groups and including those that do not typically answer surveys. Unlike typical surveys, RIWI does not collect any personally identifiable information, increasing the chances respondents answer honestly.




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