UK General Elections Tracking 2024

RIWI is tracking electoral preferences ahead of the UK’s July 4th general elections, the third election in the 14 years of Conservative rule. The RIWI-Unbound G7 Political Pulse Index Index has revealed a strong tendency in favour of Labour, inching on the majority of seats in Parliament. However, with 20% of voters still undecided, the possibility of a sorpasso by Reform UK over the Tories is not far fetched. Incidentally, we are observing more support for the latter among males, who see themselves more towards the right in the political spectrum than their female co-partisans who see themselves in the center. Reform UK has hovered around 16% since we began measuring it in the RIWI-Unbound G7 Political Pulse Index.

  • ⅔ of Reform UK’s intended voters are male, whereas ⅓ is female.
  • In terms of age groups, support shows in almost all groups except for the middle aged voters (45 – 64), where it is lower than other age brackets.
  • Most of of the UK’s female voters see themselves in the center of the political spectrum, whereas its male voters perceive themselves more towards the right.

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