Is there room for US labor market growth?

The US unemployment rate is at its lowest point in decades, but is the labor market really this tight? Using RIWI’s real-time and broad-based signal of out-of-work Americans, it is clear there is still much more room to grow. Consistent with other measures of labor market slack, RIWI’s October 2018 real-time signal (data from October 1-29, 2018) shows room in the labor market, increased from September.

From October 19, 2017 to October 29, 2018 we captured the working status of at least 4,000 US respondents per month to build the RIWI real-time labor market slack signal. Every day we randomly engaged a new set of unique respondents, with no repeat respondents throughout the period. Overall, we randomly engaged 70,000+ US-based respondents age 18 or older on a continuous basis over the period.

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Image source: Investopedia