US & Chinese views on the trade war

Do Americans support current US approach to trade negotiations?

RIWI is tracking Chinese and US views and behaviors on a range of topics continuously, including views of the US-China trade war. These data (up to date as of November 2, 2018) show that the Chinese population is generally supportive of trade retaliation against US trade actions. Americans are also generally supportive of current US trade policies, although views on tariffs on Chinese products are mixed, with half of those with opinions thinking they are good for the US economy and the other half believing the opposite.

Tariffs on Chinese products are:

Using proprietary RIWI technology, RIWI randomly engaged 20,876 Chinese respondents aged 18+ and 18,045 US respondents from June 22-November 2, 2018 on a range of issues including trade. These data shed new light on the trade war between China and the US, and the ongoing talks to end it.

The United States is putting new tariffs on foreign products. What do you think China should do in response?

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Image source: RIWI data 2018