Dmitry Gaiduk

Chief Product Officer
Dmitry Gaiduk Headshot - RIWI Chief Product Officer

Dmitry Gaiduk brings over 25 years of expertise in market research and technology innovation to his role as Chief Product Officer at RIWI. His leadership is central to integrating behavioral science, consumer neuroscience, and AI into RIWI’s product suite, enhancing the platform’s capacity to transform complex data into strategic insights.

Previously, Dmitry co-founded transformative technologies such as CoolTool, UXReality, Empath.video, each addressing key industry challenges and helping further users’ understanding of consumer behavior. His approach consistently bridges AI capabilities with deep human insights, fostering sustainable competitive advantages.

As CPO of RIWI, Dmitry is dedicated to propelling RIWI forward by ensuring our products not only meet but exceed the evolving demands of our clients, driving significant returns on investment. His strategic vision continues to shape the future of consumer insights and further positions RIWI as a leader in the market research technology industry.