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RIWI’s CEO Greg Wong and CPO Dmitry Gaiduk Speak With Greenbook On The Future Of Market Research

RIWI’s Chief Executive Officer Greg Wong and Chief Product Officer Dmitry Gaiduk spoke to Lenny Murphy of Greenbook about the RIWI platform and the company’s vision for the future of market research. Greg and Dmitry explain that the best data for decision making leverages insights from various sources and methodologies including traditional surveys, big data, nonconscious measurements, and more.

The trio delve into the strategic vision behind RIWI’s recent acquisition of CoolTool’s AI-powered technologies and its long-term vision for an all-encompassing research solution for brands, research firms, and academia. Greg and Dmitry also explore the cultural synergies that have fueled the integration’s success to date and share their sources of inspiration. As seasoned industry veterans, Greg, Dmitry, and Lenny offer a captivating perspective on the significant disruptions taking place and the opportunities that lie ahead for the market research industry.

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