RIWI Continues Tracking Global Events: China’s Property Market and Upcoming Afghanistan Brief

Toronto, ON – Toronto, ON – RIWI Corp. (TSXV: RIWI) (OTC: RWCRF) (the “Company” or “RIWI”), a global trend-tracking and prediction technology firm, uses random domain intercept technology to anonymously distribute surveys everywhere in the world.

RIWI’s patented technology allows for the collection of reliable data even in hard-to-reach places like China and Afghanistan.

Decision makers around the world are increasingly preoccupied by the possibility of a significant China property market shock that could spill over and disrupt the US and global economies. A new independent analysis of RIWI’s continuous real-time China housing price data shows that the underlying demand for housing remains strong and is likely to materialize again once the market stabilizes.

Former central banker and China expert Mark Kruger analyzed RIWI’s housing price data in the past few months by income level, and found that there is much more rapid home price appreciation for those with higher incomes, suggesting that demand for housing remains intact.

To read the entire brief, please follow this link.

RIWI is also leveraging its technology to assess the situation in Afghanistan and fill the data gap left by the withdrawal of the US government. The team has been gathering data between August 27th-November 1, 2021, focusing on the deterioration in people’s financial situation, the impact on women and girls’ ability to access school and work, safety and security issues, and service disruptions experienced since the Taliban’s takeover.

RIWI will be releasing a brief shortly summarizing the data. In the meantime, any questions or interest in continuing this research can be directed to Mercedes Fogarassy.

The initial findings and methodology are summarized here.

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