RIWI Discusses Stigma Perception Study at PRO-A Leadership Event

Starting from left: Sean Fogler (Elevyst), Bill Stauffer (PRO-A) and Rikki Sargent (RIWI)

Toronto, ON – RIWI Corp. (TSXV: RIWI) (OTC: RWCRF) (the “Company” or “RIWI”), a global trend-tracking and prediction technology firm, in partnership with Elevyst and PRO-A, utilized Random Domain Intercept Technology to measure  perceived societal substance use and recovery stigma across the United States.

This study used RIWI’s patented technology to reach a broad sample of US Web-users. Over 30,000 individuals opted-in to participate in this fully anonymous, non-incentivized research study. Rikki Sargent (RIWI) comments, “It is exciting to utilize RIWI technology to reach individuals across the US and hear their thoughts on this sensitive topic. This is the type of research that RIWI is designed for, and it is novel research that will have far-reaching impacts on society.” See this report for further study details.

On Wednesday evening (11/3/21), representatives Rikki Sargent (RIWI), Sean Fogler (Elevyst) and Bill Stauffer (PRO-A) presented national-level insights derived from this program of research at the PRO-A 4th Annual Leadership in Recovery Hybrid Event. This research uncovered alarmingly high levels of perceived stigma toward people who use drugs problematically and those in recovery. For example, 71% of Americans believe that society at large considers individuals who use drugs problematically to be outcasts or non-community members.

Stigma associated with drug use negatively impacts people who use drugs and those in recovery. Stigma impacts interpersonal relationships, treatment-seeking behavior, and public support for compassionate, evidence-based drug policy and social assistance programs. This year’s PRO-A Leadership in Recovery event centered on the notion of ‘Moving from Survive to Thrive.’ In order to thrive, societal stigma must be addressed.

Sean Fogler (Elevyst) adds, “We are excited to partner with PRO-A and RIWI to understand and measure substance use and recovery stigma, improve national policy, and honor the health and rights of those impacted. This pilot study is the first step in a program of collaborative research that will be used to develop the kind of culture where people with addictions and those in recovery can thrive.”

About RIWI

Starting from left: Representative Jim Gregory, Lynn Gregory, Seth Williams, Sean Fogler, Bill Stauffer, and Rikki Sargent

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