RIWI predicted the tight race seen in today’s results, and now publicly releases all RIWI Election reports prepared since September 8 for American, British and Asian finance clients

Toronto, ON – RIWI Corp. (TSXV: RIWI) (OTC: RWCRF) (the “Company” or “RIWI”), a global trend-tracking and prediction technology firm, today publicly released all of the U.S. Election reports that the Company prepared for global finance clients since September 8, 2020.

In contrast to almost all public polling and mainstream media forecasts that predicted a “Blue Wave” and blowout victory for former Vice President Joe Biden, RIWI’s final client report on November 2, at 10 am Eastern Standard Time, showed a different story: the much tighter race that we see in today’s results. RIWI’s randomly engaged forecasters represented a continuous evaluation of the views of 100,584 different Americans.

RIWI’s approach is unique. “For RIWI technology, one truly random forecast from one randomly engaged, anonymous person is worth far more than 10 non-randomly engaged, non-random traditional survey respondents who habitually offer their personal opinions, sometimes even in exchange for incentives,” said Neil Seeman, RIWI’s Chief Executive Officer. “Ensuring the anonymity of any respondent, without ever collecting personally identifiable information, is essential to both accurate and ethically responsible data collection,” said Mr. Seeman.

“For our continuous surveys, risk monitoring and message testing in any country, RIWI’s machine-learning tools and predictive power remove human biases,” added Mr. Seeman. “RIWI prides itself on its unique capacity to hear the real opinions of quiet voices who do not, or choose not to, participate in human-manipulated polling techniques which are increasingly non-scientific and non-random,” said Mr. Seeman.

All RIWI’s reports for the U.S. 2020 Presidential election are available here.

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RIWI is a global trend-tracking and prediction technology firm. On a monthly or annual subscription basis, RIWI offers its clients tracking surveys, continuous risk monitoring, predictive analytics and ad effectiveness tests in all countries – without collecting any personally identifiable data. https://riwi.com

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