Measuring Peace in Iraq

In response to a question, "What constitutes a prosperous society?"

In partnership with the World Bank to support peacebuilding and reconstruction efforts in Iraq, RIWI conducted over 4,000 anonymous surveys of Iraqi Web-users in March 2019. In efforts to understand the true citizen sentiment and perceptions of sustainable peace efforts over the last 18 years, respondents were asked questions about their sense of community, perceived challenges for building peace, ideal actions to further progress societal reconstruction amidst years of violent conflict.

These findings were incorporated into the World Bank’s Building for Peace report, released in April 2019, which evaluates and proposes a new approach to promoting peace in Iraq. Among many important factors including policies, institutions, government and non-governmental actors, citizen voice was integral for this report to round out this assessment. RIWI continues to work in this space on a variety of initiatives related to global peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and societal reconstruction around the world. Read the Building for Peace report here, and see more of RIWI’s peace-related work here.

Image source: World Bank Group Report: Building for Peace Reconstruction for Security, Sustainable Peace, and Equity in MENA