RIWI Predicts the 2017 Japanese Election

RIWI Corp. is pleased to announce it has predicted another vital electoral outcome. Most recently using RIWI’s Random Domain Intercept Technology (RDIT), RIWI was able to accurately predict the vote share of the majority governing coalition in the Japanese general election that took place on October 22, 2017.

In a report released by Cross Marketing Inc., one of the largest market research firms in Japan, RIWI technology foresaw a vote share of the national popular vote of 46.9% (+/-1.0%) for the governing coalition. After the election, the coalition led by Prime Minister Shinzō Abe of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) won with 47.7% of the vote. RIWI predicted the vote share of the LDP to be 39.2% (+/- 0.9%) as compared to the LDP’s actual national vote share of 40.7%.

To learn more about RIWI’s growing and high-profile data collection initiatives across Asia, see the full RIWI news release and Cross Marketing report.
Image Source: REUTERS/Thomas Peter