The World Bank Leverages RIWI Technology for Program Evaluation

The World Bank recently applied RIWI’s technology as a benchmarking tool for program evaluation. Specifically, RIWI’s proprietary, patented technology was used in conjunction with UNICEF’s U-report in Uganda (an opt-in SMS survey instrument that runs large-scale polls directed at Ugandans on a number of issues such as safety, access to education, inflation, and early childhood marriage).

In this evaluation of the effectiveness of the U-Report, RIWI data were used as a benchmark for the data gathered by UNICEF, examining all responses and comparing the methods used. The study reviews evidence on the use of twenty-three information and communication technology (ICT) platforms designed to amplify citizen voices to improve service delivery. Focusing on empirical studies of initiatives in the global south, citizen uptake and the degree to which public service providers respond to expressions of citizen voice are highlighted as key markers.

To read the evaluation in Civic Tech in the Global South: Assessing Technology for the Public Good, click here.