2021’s Top Data Gaps & Predictions For 2022

As a data collection company, we are in a unique position to track and identify key data gaps. We’ve rounded up the top data gaps we identified in 2021 and those we can see emerging in 2022.

Top 5 Data Gaps in 2021

What data gaps did RIWI identify in 2021?
    1. Attitudes to vaccination and trust in public health measures during COVID-19
    2. The impact of regime change on economic, educational, migration outcomes during humanitarian crises
    3. The real-time social and economic impacts of COVID-19
    4. Alternative measures of economic activity in China
    5. Stigma expressed toward people suffering from or in recovery from addiction

What key data gaps do we see emerging in 2022?

    1. What sources of information and messengers do people invest their trust in?
    2. Who are the new generation of retail investors and how are they changing markets?
    3. How much are social tensions worsening? How polarized are societies becoming?
    4. What are the barriers to vaccination and compliance with other public health measures?
    5. What are the best practices for gathering and exposing data on gender and gender inequalities?
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