We need to distinguish hype from reality in China disputes

Originally published in The Globe and Mail on June 2, 2019 Canadians aren’t the only ones glued to the NBA playoff finals this week. Fans in China are enjoying watching the Toronto Raptors on Chinese national television. The Raptors are an example of one of the many ways in which China is linked to Canadian […]

RIWI in the Globe & Mail: Measuring the Digital Economy

RIWI Head of Global Research, Danielle Goldfarb explains what we risk if the digital economy is improperly measured in a May 15th opinion piece in the Globe & Mail. Citing various learnings based on RIWI’s continuous and accurate predictive data, three primary takeaways are highlighted as ways the Internet has changed the global economy, but […]

RIWI China Sentiment Data Featured in POLITICO Pro

RIWI sentiment data from over 26,000 Chinese Web-users was featured in the May 15th POLITICO Pro newsletter. Read the full POLITICO analysis here. RIWI collects data in China on a continuous basis, tracking real-time events through citizen and consumer attitudinal and opinion data. See more of RIWI’s China data here.

RIWI Income Inequality Data: World Bank Development Impact Evaluation Blog

RIWI data on the topic of income inequality were featured as a topic of the World Bank’s Development Impact blog series on the job market, published December 4th, 2018 by Christopher Hoy of the Australian National University. This particular study was conducted in partnership with Oxfam, and the data were used for the annual Oxfam […]

Viacom-RIWI 2018 HIV/AIDS Study

To commemorate both World AIDS Day and the 20th anniversary of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, RIWI, in partnership with Viacom and the MTV Staying Alive Foundation recently conducted the Viacom-RIWI 2018 HIV/AIDS study. The goal of this 10-country survey was to determine awareness levels of HIV/AIDS around the world and find out if people […]

Misperceptions of Health Effects of Marijuana

RIWI’s latest work on the public perceptions of the health effects of marijuana is highlighted in the October 2018 issue of Research World magazine, an ESOMAR publication. Written by RIWI’s Eric Meerkamper and Danielle Goldfarb, the article analyzes the impacts of disinformation many Canadians have internalized with regards to the recent nation-wide legalization of cannabis. […]

Peace Perceptions Poll Philippines Data Featured in Mindanao Gold Star Daily

Following the launch of the inaugural Peace Perceptions Poll, Filipino news source highlighted some key findings from the report, namely that “criminal violence and terrorism are top security concerns” for the over 1,000 Filipino respondents who took part in the study. Read the full article in Mindanao Gold Star Daily here. Learn more about the […]

Financial Times Chart of the Day: RIWI Trade Data

RIWI’s latest data on American perceptions of national trade policy was featured as the chat of the day by Financial Times. RIWI’s stable signal reiterates the sentiment that we may be in for a trade war that will last longer than most expect. Read the FT charticle here.

Peace Perceptions Poll Featured in Peace News Net Op-Ed

The inaugural Peace Perceptions Poll established by International Alert, The British Council, and RIWI was featured in an op-ed piece written by International Alert CEO Harriet Lamb. Read her take on the recently released findings from the first ever global public perceptions study on the topic of peace and conflict, here. To learn more about […]

RIWI Trade War Data in Globe & Mail

RIWI’s Head of Global Research, Danielle Goldfarb highlights RIWI’s latest data on the uncertainty caused by the current US trade war, and what that means for Canadian policymakers and investors in a recent Globe & Mail article. For this study, RIWI randomly engaged 10,000 American Web-users and asked questions about their perceptions of trade with […]

Engaging the Malian Electorate

In advance of the upcoming Malian presidential elections, the National Democratic Institute (NDI) commissioned RIWI Corp. to conduct a survey of 2,000 randomly engaged citizens across 10 regions in Mali and the district of Bamako. An innovative methodology was essential to this project in order to gather data NDI used these data to develop a […]